Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

shoes cabinet

i really need shoes cabinet, cause @ my home my shoes are on my closet, my husband dislike it..hahahaha, he say, what this, why its on our closet..but i need a big not bigger one, that i can put all of my shoes, and my husband helmet, but i still cant find the one we likes, good but not so expensive, does anyone knows where? or should i made those? thingking...... something like the picture under


another wedding pic

pic no 1, 3, 4 & 5 : akad nikah
pic no 2 : with pony & the sisterhood :)
pic no 6 : with the wedding make up artist, love the make up :)
pic no 7 : mom & father ( in law also ), & mba lia parents 
pic no 8 : the "mas kawin" box

Lunch @ goelali bistro, ciwalk

a day after were married, were goin lunch @ this new place, my favorite as always, local food, but there also japan & european food, love this place :)

Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

i am married ? happy

im gettin married in 5 days...dag dig dug..xixiixixx


f l a s h b a c k

hari ini jalan2 sama bapak aji k cawit, ini  a week before were married..hihi, ceritanya makan malem rayain ultah, cuma makan biasa aja sih, tp setelah ke hectican selama siapin nikahan, baru malem ini rasanya bisa ngobrol enak lagi, g tau gimana, jadi ngobrolin masa lalu. good & bad things,seru banget pas ngomongin soal dulu ( wlopun ketaun ad bohongnya yg br cerita sekarng ) grrrr.....hahaha, senenggggggg bgt, suka, its good quality times, jadi makin sayangggg..hahahaha, make me really sure hes the one, nothin beats the tiger :P..he told me things nothing romantic, but thats definetely reality, we are one of a kind. ketawa2 ga jelas juga pokonya tadi..hihi, ngetawain masa2 dulu masing2, forgive each other lah ya hari ini, well he gave all this i want, securities, comfort & love...wish we have a great2 married, wonderfull life, till death do us part ( ngikut reality show d mtv dulu ) wkwkkwk


Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

h a p p y b d a y

yess today my bday, im 26 now, OLLLLDDDDDDDDD..hahaha, much joy & happiness, amin :)