Senin, 08 November 2010

dear diary

im counting day, its only 3 weeks more til my life change, i will become mrs. aji.. :), so excited, happy, gratefull, IM GETTING MARRIED... ..YAAYYYY..LOL.. he is someone that i could be anything i can, sometimes we get mad each other, but dont know how, we understand eachother..i wanna marry him, because were different, maybe sometimes were to much stuppido & crazy..but in him, i found my partners in crime..hihi, someone who can i talk anything that i cant talk to anyone, someone who can tell which one is the best dress i wore :P...and he definetely have a sensitif woman heart, i mean, even his a man, he would thing as a woman to understand me, because i am a hard rebel girl, ocassionaly..haha, he the one who patient, he just my bestfriend, not every day we meet a guy who we love but also can be a crazy loveable since he got work @ a bank, i do really miss my bestie that i love..:), but now only for view weeks, were getting married, so i will see him every day..than i have someone to talk every day, he always told me, that im silly stubborn girl, but he said thats why he love me so..hahahaha, because another girl he meet, its just a girl who always do what he said, maybe he need challange, i am definetely a challange than..LOL..bout this marriage thingy things, we also agree that we dont wanna stand for long time, so we just want to have a little white wedding, i will wear abaya like pakistan bride wear for wedding, so happy...super happy..bismillah ya allah swt, amin :)

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