Selasa, 16 November 2010


just picking my wedding dress from laundry,today i also buy this THINGS for my besties bday NOVA, i know a little bit late, but with all those photos & editing for my online shop, im only free this day, but so glad, than my editing photos ( i make little scrap book on the frame for her) maybe latter i will upload the image..its all in fix size, event though i make those with a bit of numbers and a lot of instinct..wkwkwkw, i hope she like it :)

tomorow is idul adha, my family alhamdulillah qurban, those cow & friends are really died in jihad..hehe, they are very helpfull for people who need them, may god bless all :)

well, happy IDUL ADHA everyone
semoga menjadi hadji mabrur bagi yg melaksanakan

Note : i hope next year i can do QURBAN, from my own money, amin ya allah swt :D

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